Hey there, I'm Jeremy!

A UIUX designer working to combines the skills of design, technology, and business.

In my 21 years of existence, I spent


working on design.


of my day in front of my computer.

What I believe.

Diversity, quality, and detailed work.

Me as a designer.

Working through all the different stages, I believe that having a diverse mind is the best quality to create work that can help society progress. In addition, I enjoy working through a diverse scope of exciting works because it allows me to explore different industries. As a result, I have expanded my range of projects into personal finance, music production, survival games, and many more. These experiences have opened my vision and allowed me to bring excitement to people’s lives.

What I like to do.

Discovery, explore, and learn new things.

Me as a person.

I found my interest in design in middle school, and it has been my career ever since. I’m always motivated to learn new things, which makes me a fast learner. As a result, other than design, I am also currently working on my skills in digital painting and music production. In addition, growing up exposing to different cultures had made me capable of speaking three languages - Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Me in the past.


UI/UX designer  |  01.2020 - present


UI/UX design intern |  03.2022- 08.2022


Teacher assistant  |  09.2019 - 05.2020

Want to know more about me? Feel free to reach out and chat with me :)

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