A printed magazine for an online gaming blog.

Project overview.

Polygon is a project started in Fall 2019 to analyze and redesign an existing magazine or online blog. I chose Polygon and decided to focus my attention on Quantum Break, which will set a general design direction for the whole book. The book includes a cover, contributor, table of content, interview, and an article. I designed the magazine to have a smooth and kinetic visual flow using type and image.


Fall 2019.


Print design, Typography.


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.


Personal project.

Design challenge.

Designing a magazine layout that brings the online experiences to printed.

Following Quantum Break’s style and create a kinetic flow.

The final book was printed and bound together using the perfect-bind method. The whole book was designed using Quantum Break’s style guide, including the colors, icons, and layout. Each page follows a four-column master grid, and the use of images was set to bring the readers into the experience of the game. Moreover, the fracturing body copy and images create a sense of time breaking, which is the game’s central theme. In addition, each section was separated using the light and dark theme to create an interesting visual flow throughout, which brings a new mood every time the viewers enter a new section.

Page design.

Project ideation.

Bringing the immersive game experience into the printed version.

Taking elements from the gameplay, interface, and other game events.

Design exploration.

Next project:


A poster series for Nanahira and 2019 that uses typography and color to create movements.