A poster series for Nanahira and 2019 that uses typography and color to create movements.

Project overview.

Prisma is a project that started in Summer 2019 as a typography poster project for two different classes. The project aims to create a series of posters that use type to create an exciting composition based on our chosen theme. In the first series, I decided to design a series of posters for an imaginary concert for Nanahira. As for the second, I decided to develop the second series for the 2019 calendar. Since Narahira’s style was colorful and lighthearted, I continued that into the second series to see what sparks it will create. In the end, I designed a series of posters that balance the different sizes, shapes, orientations, and colors of typography.


Summer 2019.


Poster design, Typography.


InDesign, Illustrator.


Personal project.

Design challenge.

Designing a series of posters using type and color to create a narrative while keeping consistency.

Using light colors, scale, and rotation to create a moving composition.

All six posters are designed to be interchangeable when hanging up on the wall since each poster follows a similar style. The posters used scale and rotation to create a kinetic composition, and the color elevates the concept even more. Each poster also included vector illustrations, such as animals, rockets, and seasonal items. While some illustrations are prominent to the viewers’ eyes, some are toned down as lighter. In addition, to add more depth,  patterns can also be spotted in each posters.

Individual posters.

Visual research.

Offering an exciting and playful experience with Japanese’s design.

Design exploration.


An ecosystem that learns and adapts to provide the best sleep routine for individuals.